Claims Flow Solutions, LLC. is here to speed up your claims processing with its state of the art new internet based software.

Unlike all of our other competitors, there is absolutely no downloading involved with Claims Flow Solutions. Everything is web based and will work with any web provider, pc or Mac, any operating system, and any web browser. No other companies can do that.

Claims Flow Solutions' concept was created by our founder and CEO, Brandon Martini in May of 2005. In January of 2006 the design of the project was finally underway. By the end of February 2006 the mockup design was developed and implemented to the claimsflowsolutions.com website.

Within the next few months Claims Flow Solutions was built to high expectations and was implemented to the public. After six months of beta testing Claims Flow Solutions was the best internet based claims processing software out.

Since the original launch date of February of 2006, Claims Flow Solutions has gone through many updates and has implemented new technologies to the web system.

In our future we will be here to exceed our clients’ expectations and just do our best to go above and beyond. Many new updates are scheduled to be implemented in the near future that will completely wipe out our completion.

Remember, with Claims Flow Solutions LLC. you will never be alone!

Thank you,
Brandon Martini
President & CEO